If you would like to book a private game with only your party in the room,

you will need to reserve all available slots for that time period.

Otherwise, you could be booked into a room with strangers.

But, meeting new people is fun, right?!

Do you like what we are doing? Would like to see more escape rooms?

Would like to see the theme of the rooms change periodically

or perhaps even more elaborate designs? 

With your help, we can make it happen.

The Escape Rooms are meant to exercise your intellect, stretch your observational skills, improve team-work and hone your problem-solving proficiency in a lively and engaging environment. But mostly they’re meant to be fun!

Would you like to help someone out there experience a challenging puzzle room,? 

Great, for every $25 donation, we will give away a free spot in an escape room experience.

Click to Donate button and put a smile on someone's face!

If you would like to donate for someone specifically, let us know their contact info and we can do the rest.