Frequently Asked Questions



1. What is an "Escape Room"? 

An Escape Room is a live-action, group activity where players are immersed in an interactive narrative, ‘locked in’ to a room with keys, puzzles, clues and a count-down to reach the exit. Escape Rooms are meant to exercise your intellect, stretch your observational skills, improve team-work and hone your problem-solving proficiency in a lively and engaging environment. But mostly they’re meant to be fun!



2. How many people can play?

Up to 6 people in three of our rooms and 8 in one of the rooms can participate in our public setting. If you would like to book a private game you can fit more if you are comfortable getting close. Call for more details. 


3. Is it scary?

No the content room we have in the rooms now is not scary. However, that is not to say that there won't be a more intense room coming soon. Keep in mind you can quit play at any time and exit the room.


4. How early should I arrive?

Please try to be 15 min early. This is to make sure all waivers have been signed. Time to store your personal effects in personal storage bins. And, go over any final questions before setting off into the game areas.


5. Why do I need to put my personal effects into a storage bin? Why can't I just keep them on myself?

We do not allow sharp objects, such as knives, for safety reasons. And no electronics, and no flashlights. This is a game designed to stimulate your intellect, observation, problem-solving skills, and to get you to engage in your surroundings. No cheating allowed... ah ah ah.



6. Will we be in the room with strangers?

There is a chance you can be in the room with strangers if you do not book all the available slots for the time slot you choose. What a great way to meet new people and work on communication skills. But, if you would like to make sure you do not have to be with someone you do not know. Please book all of the available slots, or call to book a private game.